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August 30, 2012


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Hey Dan,

I thoroughly agree and say Amen to your general thesis. Also, I think you might be able to make lots of money with your choose your own adventure Bible. This might help you get started ( http://shirt.woot.com/derby/entry/53884/choose-your-own-bible-adventure ). Lastly, did you really man to say that the Bible "contains the Word of God" or do you mean the Bible is the Word of God? I don't intend to start a debate, it is just a question. Love ya brother.


First off - I was days away from harassing you to resurrect this, the most underrated blog of all time (ALL TIME!)
Secondly - good subject, good points. 

I know my comments may skyline me as an old bitter man, but I wonder how much of this has to do with this culture of convienence and this generational trait of avoiding the hard work that builds character?  I look at building/cultivating a relationship with God much like I do a relationship with anyone else I love - spending time with them, listening to them, sharing life with them. Obviously my relationship with Christ is not like any earthly relation I'll ever have, but there are similarities. Spending time walking, praying, and LISTENING to God is the best way to grow to know Him.  Instead, I feel like I'm seeing people compromise their vision of progress and growth. 

I look at the world now much like I image Brooks Hatlen did when he was released from Shawshank "...the world went and got itself in a great big hurry". Nobody talks anymore, we text. We have 500 'friends' but few that know us.  We have access to more information and knowledge than Khan, Ceaser, Solomon, and Napoleon ever had COMBINED, and we are a culture that doesn't know how apply critical thinking skills. We have replaced 'give me liberty or give me death' with 'give me convenience or give me death'. We don't like our marriage, so we get a divorce. We don't like the grade we got in school so we blame the teacher. We don't like the thing someone said, so we get offended/shut down. We are a generation of adult children  Being uncomfortable is now, somehow, a sin. 

Of course we would do the same thing to Scripture. We don't like certain verses, so we omit or somehow justify OUR feelings instead of Gods word because it makes us more comfortable. We get bored with our Bible, so we change it ever so slightly, perhaps one degree off course, to make it more exciting. Someone else comes along and says 'a few more degrees!' and before you know it, North has become East.  

And whoops, I'm rambling. 

Dan O'Leary


I don't want to get into a semantics war, but I said what I said and meant it. The Bible does contain the Word of God. It also IS the Word of God, but I did not want to use it in that context because the point of the blog was to show that it is a book that is meant to serve us, not us it. We serve a mighty God, not a book. The Bible was compiled by the church, for the church. Both God and the Church existed before the Bible was finally put together in one volume. We would not have the Bible without the Church (and the Holy Spirit of course), and we would not have the Church without Christ. That is what I meant. Thanks for the kind words about the rest of it though.


I could not have said it better myself. And you weren't rambling.

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